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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Persian Cat

It has long been a mystery of how the Persian cat came to be but what is known about them is the way they were brought out into the known world. The Caravans of the Desserts hailing from the land of the Shiq's and the Sultans brought to the western world this marvelous Pansy faced long haired cat.

Is known to be one of the oldest pedigree breed of cat found in brittain, and when you say a fancy cat breed it is usually the Persian that first comes to mind. It is believed that the Persians were developed out of the Bazaar cats called the Angora, and would you believe that they are even been recorded as far back as 1684 BC.

Certainly the long silky hair of the Persian is its Greatest assest not to mention is expressive eyes and wide face that a lot of cat fanciers and lovers have fallen for time and time again. As kittens these Balls of fur has never failed to get atleast a second glance at a petshop window. Eversince these cats were born they have been destined to be pampered and to raised in elegance, from the Ornate silk pillows of the Sultans to the laps of Italian and French Noblemen the elegant Persian has purred its way to immortality and they are the oldest known Pedigree cat in England.

For the longest time they have lived in Palaces and Castles alongside Royalty and Nobility that these cats are nothing less than the nobles of the cat world. Their temperments can only be described as civilized, a well bred Persian is always composed, never obtrusive or nor bashful. They like the attention they recieve but never do they beg for it "Sacred Bleu, Mua beg for attencion...no Misuer you give it to me!" that is the expression you will see in a Persian's face "hmm a french speaking Persian huh?"

Manul or Felis pallas

These cats have been believed to be the decendants of Iranian and dessert cats crossed with the now gravely endangered Pallas cats. But there is no evidence to back it up or any explaination how the long haired gene came into existence in the line of Persians and Angora cats.

Himalayan "Olivia"

Short Haired Persian or the Exotic

Because of their apparent popularity the Persian is the only pedigree cat that has so many divisions under its name, this includes the Himalayan, the Exotic and countless other color combinations out there. My personal dream one day is to develop a spotted Persian breed from either the Bengal or the Occicat or a Braided tabby Persian that I plan to call the Maja-Raja.

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