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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Norwegian Forest Cat

Blessed by mother nature with a long magnificent coat and even prowled alongside the Vikings of old in their congquests as the mousers of the great Viking war vessels. They have reached the far corners of the world and maybe the first cats that might have reached the Americas. These cats are nothing but amazing from their eerie Warrior like look to their long romantic history, the Norwegian Forest cat is indeed one of the most intriguing cat breeds in the world. This breed can trace its beginnings as far back as 4,000 years ago, in the time of Odin and of Loki, of the Jotuns and Valkeries.

Skoggkat that was the ancient name given to these cats, Forest cat in the ancient tongue of the Norse people. They have a sweet Valkerie like expression in their face but with a proud stance that is reminiscent of a small Lion because of the long and spectacular winter maine that they have.

They are different from all of the long haired breeds, first their coats follow the natural order of nature, just like a wild animal they grow and loose fur with the coming and going of winter as a natural adaptation for life in the cold territories of Northern Europe.

The second is the magnificent maine and tail, it needs little or no brushing the logic in this is, Vikings wouldn't have the time to groom their kitties especially during the eve of battle and the Skogkatt as they are called wouldn't have groomers in the middle of the forest, but brushing is important during shedding season to ensure that there are no unsightly tangles and the cat's would have a really bad case of hair ball.

Because of they are a natural breed the size and fullness of the body depends on the line that you choose, some can be petite while some really robust and large. These cats come in all colors from the deepest black to the whitest of white almost loosing visibility as it trudges through the winter landscape. They come in all patterns imaginable not including the eastern siamese pattern and the new bengal rosettes.

They are rumored to be the ancient ancestor of the Maine Coon Cat, supporting the legend of Vikings reaching america even before the coming of Columbus. The Norwegian Forest cat is an outdoorsy kind of cat, they enjoy climbing trees hence their name Forest cats.

They are very patient and rarely startled, that is why the are great for children (make sure the child has no asthma though) but because of their broad and natural breeding temperment really depends on how you raise your Skoggkat, a well socialized kitty will respond accordingly compared to a cat that had little or no exposure to people.

Look into the eyes of a Norwegian and you will feel and eerie spirit within them, testement to their amazing lineage and their mystical past. Years ago these cats ran feral in the forests of Norway and almost faced extinction due to constant crosses between domestic shorthaird, but the late King Olaf declared the breed the official cat of Norway and made an effort to save the breed, adding to the mystique and indeed the regality of this ancient and magnificent breed.

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