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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Breeding cats

Have you ever wanted to breeed your cat and have some new kittens running around the house? Or are you dreaming to have your very own Cattery, well here are some useful tips for you cat breeder hopefuls out there.


Researching about your potential breed is a big element, if your a new comer to the cat fancy you should go to cat shows first and study about the breed that you want to perpetuate. Talk to the breeders and be familiar with the standards of the breed and also keep a sharp eye for details on the physical characteristics of a winner. By befriending cat breeders you will be able to acquire valuable information like available litters, studs and queens that are forsale and most especially what to look for in the breed. If you are fortunate you can find a mentor that is interested in guiding you through the commitment of becoming a cat breeder or a cat show person.

The Beginning for breeding cats starts with a Queen or two, Queen means a female cat. Picking Queens begin at the breeder's home when you are getting her as a kitten. Make sure that you are buying from a realiable source, a reputable Cattery or a good petshop that also gives your cat's certificate from the Cat Association where she was registered to. Pedigree cats have papers which show your cat's genealogy and pedigree. With the said papers you will be able to trace your kitten's family history whether its parent's came from a good line that shows qualities that are a good example of the breed.

kitten's looks and health is also a must, the kitten must be alert and should come with the vet's certification of health and vaccinations. Make sure that she fits the breed's standards, take your time in looking at every aspect of your kitten because she will be with you for the whole of her nine lives.

One tip I read on the Internet is "When its not be - dont force it" that means if there is something off about the kitten no matter how cute she is you better leave it alone. Some cat breeds are really friendly but occassionally there is a rogue that comes out of the litter, this kitten could be so cute and is a perfect example of the breed physically but its temperment is off, this applies especially with breeds that were developed with wild blood in them like Bengals and Chausies, better leave the kitty alone such individuals if bred might perpetuate the flaw.

Cats are still wild in nature but because of good breeding practices the temperment has greatly improved but the wildness is still in there somewhere deep in its genetic code so if such throw backs comes along your path steer clear from them you might end up with a beastie in your hands and a cat on its way to the pound.


Cats become sexually mature around the age of 5 months and above, but it is adviseable to breed your Queen when she is a year old to make sure that her body is mature enough to go through the ordeal of pregnancy. At the age of 5 months or 6 she will come into heat this is the time when she is sexually receptive to males, but if she is not mature yet better keep her inside the house away from the tom cat.

two weeks your cat will be sexually receptive or in heat, this is a discomfort for your kitty, you might see her rubbing her bottom on the furniture or you might hear her vocalizing often. This will continue until she is pregnant or if the heat cycle is over it will happen again after two weeks or three.


On an average your Queen comes into heat in a 4 to 5 week cycle, 1 to 2 weeks is the heat itself and another two to three weeks after the heat the cycle will begin a new. This is good if you are now prepared to breed her with the right male. Choosing a good stud or male of the same breed is another steop, try to find show winners that exhibits complementing characteristics to your Queen. But remember its usually the Queen who carries the genes for conformity so she must be a perfect specimen herself. The male will mount her as soon as he smells her aromatic perfume, so better if you dont bathe your queen during her heat period to better stimulate the stud's interest.

If you dont own the stud and he lives away from your home it would be best if you can bring you queen to his place. This will allow the male to feel that he is dominant and that the female is seeking him out. Females have no problem with performace they are easy to work with in breeding but males just have some querks they need to work out like how to get her interested in him. If the male that you chose is very young it might take two days before he figures it out but if you have an experienced male then you just have you job cut out for you.

They will assume the copulation position several times, and it would be better if the male can stay with you for three days so she can mate with him repeatedly. This will ensure that your cat has mated only with the selected male and will ensure uniform kittens. If you have a spare room in the house or if you have an attic or a basement this will be an ideal place for your cat's romance.

On the fifth week after the encounter your cat's pregnancy will be confirmed, she will not go into heat again until her litter is grown. She will become noticeably fatter and would always like to lie down and she will no longer be ineterested in hanging around the males. Better if you can now find her a good kittening place which is warm and cozy. Cats give birth after three months and three days from the day she was sucessfully mated. You can now begin increasing her food intake on the fifth week, and make sure she is getting the best nutrition so I recomend tha she will be given a combo of wet and dry foods.

If you are not sure of your cat's pedigree and if you are not sure if you can handdle the attention that the kittens and the mother needs during the vulnerable day better that you have you cats neutered instead because breeding should not be taken lightly.


azhermahdi said...

hi there
thanks for your good information, i live in Dubai, UAE , and im interested in having one or two bombay female kittens , can you help me please in finding good one and show me how to import them here
my email is

Niel Maceda said...

Thanks azhermahdi for you kind words, try the links at the bottom of my article and check you email I sent the email of a good breeder of bombays on that and hope they can help you ship since I think they are approved to do so.

Bombay's are known for their being calm and affectionate. Good for a mellow life and a couch cuddle partner...

Anonymous said...

if you know of a good place to open a cattery or a place to breed cats (such as a house) please contact me at wolffheartt@gmail.com. thanks for the helpful information, hoping I can find a good house and land for breeding or for a cattery.

Niel Maceda said...

Couldn't give you an exact location but I can provide you with an ideal area. I believe if your cat is more of a tropical breed you should consider living in california.

Look for a good safe neighborhood away from the woods but still should be in a good sleepy town where there are no close high ways.

Make sure there is a vet atleast 15 mins drive away.

try going online to zillow.com and look for such a place.