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Sunday, June 3, 2007


Have you ever marveled at the mystique of a Black Panter, admired its grace and sheer stealth at night? There is a cat breed that was developed to become the minature version of a Panther. This breed was inspired by Black Leopards of Bombay which made Nikki Horner of Louisville Kentucky to embark on a mission to produce such a cat that would resemble these Black panthers of India.

They are an elegant looking breed, with the bloodlines of Black American short hair and Sable Burmese cats in its genetics. It was these two breeds that was used by Nikki to reveal to the world the beauty of a pint sized panther walking around your garden at night stalking little prey like mice and squirrels with only its bright copper eyes peircing through the darkness as its whole body is concealed by the dark.

It took several outcrossings and inbreeding before Ms. Nikki achieved the look and conformity that she wanted, the best results came from a Black american short hair male with nice copper eyes and a female sable Burmese. The Bombay's temperment is a combination of the easy-going shorthairs and the affectionate and lap loving Burmese. The Bombay is now closer in form to the Burmese rather than the shorthair, they are even interbreedable. Black kittens with bright copper eyes born to this cross are registered Bombays and the other colors Burmese, shorthairs are no longer used to outcross since they ruin the body conformity of the breed.

They say if you'd like an athletic and amusing cat then Bombay is the right cat for you, this cat is like a dog a cat and a monkey all in one. Its very nimble and quick like a monkey with an inquisitive nature to match, loves to play fetch like a dog and thrives in affection as all cats do. This cat is a people cat, always loves to hang around humans and are often the first one to the door when a visitor arrives "the only thing missing is a bark and a waggy tail" .

These cats are also called the Magician cats, they are said to be the opposite of the bad luck black cats. Instead they bring their master's good luck and happiness, they are even believed to be money cats serving 9 master's at a time giving them a steady stream of money through its mystical powers. Well if the cat's physical charm is not enough for you how about its reputation as a good luck charm.

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Orlando said...

Neil: Question: Around a month ago saw an article new breeds from some islands in mediterranean. Search online unable to find. Have you seen the article?

Great blog! thanks for the information, this is a great outlet.

Niel Maceda said...

Truthfully I haven't updated my articles for sometime. This new cat breed being developed is it related to the Bombay or its Ancestral breed?